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Ultimate 12-in-1 Slicer

1020 Reviews

Ultimate 12-in-1 Slicer

1020 Reviews


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


  • Multi-Purpose: 5 interchangeable blades and finger guard that keeps your fingers safe from harm at all times! Veggies also fall right into the container which can double as storage.
  • Super functional design and so easy to use and clean. Can be used to slice or dice it is easy to change the blades for alternate sizes.
  • It's small and does not take up a lot of space in your cabinet! Life changing little kitchen gadget.
  • Anti-slip design: the bottom of the container has an anti-slip mat, for better control and ease of movement. 
  • Superior quality food-grade BPA-free plastic; ultra-sharp sharp premium stainless steel blades, will not rust or lose sharpness as time goes on.
  • SAVE TIME:  easy setup, cut or slice whatever you need and rinse clean. Vegetables slicer is sharp and it is possible to cut vegetables for the salad or main dish quickly and without difficulty. You will like the soft material on the bottom of the container, so the slicer does not scratch my countertop and it keeps the container from sliding. This really cuts Your work in 75% and is amazing 



Package Includes:

1 x Cutting-top with integrated pin grid

1 x Cutting-base

1 x Transparent container (capacity 1,500 ml)

1 x Container Lid

1 x Blade assembly (6 mm x6 mm or 12 mm x12 mm)

1 x Blade assembly (6 mm x36 mm or 18 mm x18 mm)

1 x Knife used for quarters or eighths

1 x Plug-cutting punch for eighth

1 x Part-cover for all blade inserts

1 x Professional peeler

1 x Instruction manual

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