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February 22, 2018

Prepare to Have Some Myths Busted

Sweating it out at the gym, following your diet, sometimes even starving yourself and still not seeing any signs of the body you’re looking for?

Chances are that you’re missing out on something or maybe doing something inaccurately. A lot of misinformation leads to ineffective fat loss plans and waste of time and energy.

Check out these surprising fat loss facts you’ve not known before.


  • Each one of us is blessed with six-pack abs; it is made up of a muscle known as rectus abdominus. The only reason it is visible on somebody’s body and not on the other’s is because it is covered up with layers of body fat. To burn this fat you must cut down your calorie intake.


  • It is not possible to transform your body fat into muscles. You cannot turn one into the other by doing high-intensity cardio or lifting weights. But, weight training is the easiest way to bring your body into shape. The more muscles you have the greater fats you burn.


  • Fats and carbs both play a significant role in fat loss. Many of our body’s basic functions require consumption of carbs. Fats help in the production of hormone, joint-lubrication and muscle-building factors. Cutting down completely on both of these may hamper your regular bodily functions.


  • Exercising more will not help you lose more. Everything works well in moderation – even exercise. Longer exercise session means draining of greater energy, feeling of tiredness and consuming more food than usual.


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