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January 13, 2018

Who Said Babies Don’t React to Melodies?

Listening to Music Helps your Baby Grow

Babies just love songs, rhythms and music and, like children and adults, greatly benefit from a musical environment. However, scientists have found that the effect music has on the young minds of babies is far more significant that one would imagine.

Recent studies have shown that music affects the physical, emotional, and intellectual development of babies and children and strengthens cognitive and sensory development.

Getting an Early Start - Music in the Womb

The amazing effect music has on the mind starts even before birth. Recent studies have shown that children exposed to classical music in the womb exhibit a positive change in physical and mental development after birth.

In a recent experiment, fetuses were exposed to 70 hours of classical music during the last weeks of pregnancy. At six months, these babies were more advanced in terms of motor skills and linguistic and intellectual development than babies who received no musical stimulus.

The Effect Music has on Development

The positive effect music has on babies and children is surprisingly diverse, encouraging babies' development in both the mental and physical spheres. Playing music to your baby can activate the neural pathways responsible for many skills, boosting general skills such as creativity or more specific skills like spatial intelligence.

So start streaming some Mozart in your house the next time you want to comfort your baby.

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