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February 03, 2018

Keep Yourself Healthy While You Nurture

Pregnancy is the most blissful as well as a crucial phase in a woman’s life.

Along with the baby inside the womb, the mother also has to take care of her own health and well-being.

There are a few exercises a pregnant woman should perform that would prevent any major health issue and also strengthen her muscles making her feel fit and healthy.


  • Brisk walking

There is no other easy exercise than brisk walking. It does not require you to hit the gym or invest in any equipment. Just wear your walking shoes and head for an hour’s walk in a park nearby.


  • Aerobics

Low impact aerobics or dance can help increase your heart rate and release endorphins. Since your abdomen would grow in size avoid any activity that requires careful balancing or any such thing.


  • Indoor cycling

An amazing way to sweat a little is by pedaling an indoor cycle. There is no risk of falling and you can exercise at your own pace.

Feel free to take breaks to catch a breath and sip some water in the middle of the activity.


  • Prenatal yoga

It promotes relaxation, focus, flexibility and deep breathing. Look for a class especially for pregnant woman so that they teach you poses that are safe for you.


  • Swimming or water aerobics

These are the perfect pregnancy workouts any woman can indulge in. Your weight is one-tenth in water and this makes you feel lighter and limber.

Basic physical activities in the water make you feel good and help you get rid of nausea, puffy ankles or any kind of pain.


Follow these tips and remain healthy while you wait for the little one to pop out. Looking for some cute, comfy babywear?

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