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January 18, 2018

Bonding Tips to Strengthen the Most Beautiful Bond

The bonding period for you and your baby begins long before birth. As your baby grows and develops within you, the special relationship between you and your child is already beginning to form.

This special relationship, full of intense emotion, a deep sense of connection and a strong attachment is what drives a mother to feed her baby in the middle of the night or comfort her when she’s crying.

Use these tips to bond even better:


Breastfeeding promotes closeness between a mother and baby. When you breastfeed your baby, you’re guaranteed to hold your baby close 8 to 18 times per day. If you’re able, consider breastfeeding your baby.

Eye Contact

Your baby will gaze into your eyes for hours. Your newborn will typically see you best when your face is about one foot away from her body. When feeding your baby, make faces, smile and look into your baby’s eyes to promote bonding.


Babies thrive when they have a routine because they like knowing what comes next. Routines help babies feel safe and secure which fosters the bond of trust. Establish a solid bedtime routine to help your baby get a good night’s sleep.


Babies love soothing, warm water and taking a bath together can be a relaxing way to connect and bond with your baby. Make bath time a part of your bedtime routine.


Hold your baby often and embrace times of simply snuggling together. Being together, uninterrupted, is a natural way to bond with your baby.

The mother/child bond doesn’t magically appear. The magic happens over the course of time you spend lovingly caring for your baby.

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