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February 21, 2018

Healthy Diet Essentials

Losing weight is not just burning calories while working out but also consuming a balanced diet.

Here are 5 amazing fat burning foods that you must consume in order to lose weight.


  • Tuna –

Tuna is loaded with omega-3 fatty acid which is known to stimulate the production of leptin, a hormone that upsurges the feeling of fullness. It boosts your metabolism and curbs the cravings.


  • Green tea –

Green tea contains epigallocatechin which is known for stimulating the nervous system. Studies suggest that three cups of green tea a day can burn up to 80 calories.

This drink is high in antioxidants and also stops the forming of fats. Green tea helps boost metabolism, blocks creation of new cells and escalates the releasing of fats from cell.


  • Hot peppers –

Cayenne pepper, jalapenos, habaneros and other peppers don’t just add flavor to your meals but also burn calories. Research shows that spicy food can increase your metabolism by up to 25%. Capsaicin in the pepper speeds up abdominal fat loss by enhancing the body’s ability to convert food into energy.


  • Oat meal –

Oat meals take more energy to get digested and hence our body uses up all the fats to create this energy to digest such meals. These are high in fiber and make you feel satiated for long.


  • Quinoa –

Quinoa is high in protein and contains a chain of amino acids which builds the muscle and helps in fat loss. It is high in betaine which helps boost your metabolism and cuts off the genes that make the fats stay around.


Include these superfoods in your diet and see the incredible results for yourself.


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