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January 22, 2018

Rock the Bump with Sophistication

Who said that you have to be dressed in baggy maternity-wear all the time when you are expecting a child? You can be as stylish as practicality allows.

Here are some tips to make you look your best.


Stick to Silhouettes:


When it comes to your wardrobe during pregnancy, the simpler, the better. You’ll look classy and refined. The perfect summer go-to!


Dress in Layers:


When you start to go through your second trimester and your belly is in that in-between stage, a cardigan will be your new best friend! Layering it over tops and dresses is an easy way to hide what you want and accentuate your cute baby bump.


Avoid Seams:


When your belly starts to grow, seams can hit your waist awkwardly. To avoid buying items throughout your pregnancy, get something that doesn't have a seam; this way your belly can grow into it.


Wear Dark Colors:


Wearing darker colors will help you not only appear smaller, it will also hide any problem areas. Plus, it's just a lot easier to mix and match.


Opt for Flowing Dresses:


The trick to this is not to get things that are too billowy and could make you look larger. Find a good in-between option. Get something loose that still hugs in all the right places.


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