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January 06, 2018

Follow These Tips for Your Baby’s Well-being

Pregnancy is a phase during which the mom is responsible for the well-being of two people. With all the old wives’ tales circulating around, it is important that the right tips are followed to ensure easy labor and a healthy baby.

Here are a few that will certainly help.

Right Food:

Consider having a low sugar and low cholesterol diet to avoid excess weight gain. Include vegetables, fruits and nuts in your meals to get the required vitamins, iron, calcium and nutrients.

Try to drink lots of water and fluids to keep your body hydrated. Eat homemade healthy food to keep your body strong and fight infections.

Don’t Overeat:

Eating for two during pregnancy is an old wives’ tale. The pregnancy diet includes only around 300 extra calories per day for the growing baby.

Don’t overeat as it may increase your body weight and cause the risk of gestational diabetes.

Eliminate Stress:

Excessive stress can increase hormones such as cortisol, which can hamper pregnancy. Keep stress away through relaxing activities such as meditation, gardening and talking to close friends.

Lifestyle Changes:

Sleeping early and following a regular bedtime routine is one of the best lifestyle choices for a healthy pregnancy. Have a properly ventilated, clean room to have good sleep.

Do not compromise on personal hygiene owing to pregnancy discomforts because most pregnant women are prone to infection.

Follow these guidelines and you will minimize all chances of pregnancy complications.

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