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January 12, 2018

Shed the Pregnancy Flab with Ease

The constant demands of motherhood, bad eating habits, poor quality of sleep and other factors can combine to pile on some additional body fat.

Here are some tips to help you tackle this ‘mommy weight’:

Avoid Fatty and Sugary Snacks:

It can be tempting to munch on junk food when the going is tough. Fatigue can leave you feeling lethargic, run-down, and in need of an immediate boost from sweets and high-fat snacks.

Eat high-fiber, low-fat, low-sugar snacks; these will fill you up without adding too many calories. For a quick energy boost, try eating fruits and nuts instead.

Find the Time to Exercise:

It can be rather difficult to muster the time and energy for a workout. However, no exercise coupled with calorie-rich food can result in an entirely avoidable build-up of fat.

Start by walking with your baby placed in a carriage or sling. Increase the duration of these walks as you feel stronger and more confident.

Get Enough Sleep:

Inadequate sleep increases stress levels and stress can prompt you to eat unhealthily. It can also lower your energy levels and leave you exhausted and unable to exercise.

Meditation, positive visualization, or yoga can help your body recover from the fatigue of disrupted sleep and give you more energy.

Cook and Eat Proper Meals:

Try to get more support from your network. Friends, family members, and neighbors are often delighted to help, so don’t feel you have to do everything yourself.

Use the extra time to prepare some healthy meals. Follow the basic rules of cutting down on fat and increasing fruit and vegetable intake.


We hope these tips help you shed that pregnancy weight soon.

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